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Dear guests,

Yesterday, some important news have arrived and we are compelled to inform you of the following.

Unfortunately the owners of the property adjacent to ours have decided, after many years of inactivity, to begin construction of a home next to ours.

The paperwork that was expected to take a long while, but go figure, it was expedited thus catapulting the start date of construction. They are talking about mid February.

The expected timeline will be between February 2020 and September 2021.

We immediately came to an agreement about ceremonies and celebrations, that during any weddings, the worksite will be silenced, and also the following day.

We are taking additional necessary steps to minimize the impact of this news on your stay.

This is obviously putting a significant amount of stress on our end, financially and obviously we are worried about being able to deliver, during this period of time, the same level of peace and quiet as we have in the past.

Our relationship with our neighbor is very good and in the big picture this will turn out to be a good thing as we will then be able to offer a combined option of uniting both, for even bigger events.

We just hope that the construction goes swiftly and is not a hindrance to our guests during their stay at Villas Piedra Blanca. We don’t want to be anything but fully transparent in order to avoid any disagree- able surprises.

We do hope this will not compel you to booked your stay with us and are crunching numbers to offer you a substantial discount offer on your stay to offset the potential nuisance.

Respectfully yours,



— Yarib T.

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